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When you schedule an engagement ring appointment with either myself or Nicholas, our primary aim is to ensure your experience is both relaxed and informative. It goes beyond merely choosing a ring; it involves delving into your story, understanding you and your partner, and crafting a ring that meets your requirements.
Ahead of your appointment, we like to determine your budget and any preferences you may have regarding diamond shape. This allows us to prepare at least three diamond options that align with your requirements, ready to be presented during your visit. If you're unsure about the diamond shape, no worries – we can explore that together during the appointment.
As you step into our design gallery, expect a warm and friendly welcome. The gallery transcends being just a space; it's a cozy and inspiring environment that will make you feel comfortable and at ease.
During your time with us, you'll have the opportunity to explore our extensive collection of engagement rings. Here, we'll begin narrowing down the specifics for your ring, from the choice of gold and design features to the selection of the perfect diamond. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service including diamond education, that answers any questions you may have to ensure your decision is made with confidence.
Once you've selected your setting and diamond, we'll assist with sizing to ensure a comfortable fit. Whether you have a specific size in mind or not, we can estimate a size based on our experience, which can be resized if needed.
Once the details are finalised, we'll provide you with a quote for your consideration and an estimated timeline for the production of your ring. If you choose to proceed, a minimum 50% deposit is required to initiate the crafting process. Upon collection, you'll receive a diamond certificate, an independent valuation of your ring, and we will discuss insurance options for your peace of mind.
Below are a few of the questions i get asked most frequently regarding engagement rings…
What is the distinction between LAB and Natural diamonds?
In brief, a LAB-grown diamond tests as a diamond, is graded, and comes with a certificate. The primary difference between LAB-grown diamonds and naturally mined diamonds lies in their price and value. LAB diamonds have experienced a decrease in value since entering the market, influencing their pricing to be significantly lower than that of natural diamonds, which maintain a higher inherent value. Natural diamonds, particularly in cases like pink diamonds, have even witnessed an increase in value over time. However, considering an engagement ring isn’t typically something you plan on re-selling, the choice between naturally mined and LAB-grown diamonds ultimately boils down to personal preference and budget.
What are the key considerations when purchasing a diamond? 
When selecting a diamond, we recommend prioritising its eye visual components, particularly its colour and brilliance, followed by size. This ensures that, to the naked eye, your stone appears clear and radiant.
What distinguishes White Gold from Platinum?
Both white gold and platinum are excellent choices. The differences between platinum and 18ct white gold is that platinum is a pure metal with nothing else added. Both metals are highly durable and can be polished to restore their shine & original appearance. The choice between 18ct white gold and platinum is a personal one.
Where are your rings made, and what is the production time?
Our engagement rings are crafted in-house by our master jeweller, and the production process typically takes approximately 3-4 weeks.
At Nicholas Haywood Jewellery, our commitment is to make your engagement ring selection as special as the love it represents. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking HERE.

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