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Our ultrasonic cleaning service is a complimentary service completed in our Design Gallery. It uses a commercial ultrasonic machine which utilises high-frequency sound waves to create a cleaning action that removes debris, dirt, and grease from your fine jewellery. This service takes approximately 15 minutes, so it is able to be done while you wait - no appointment needed. We will also check your settings while you are here to ensure they are secure.

Everyday wear can take its toll on your fine jewellery, especially constantly worn pieces like engagement and wedding rings. Inevitably, they get dirty; scratches appear in the gold and they generally lose their lustre. As well as this over a long period of time gold on your claws can wear down requiring re-tipping to ensure your stones are secure.

We recommend a bi-annual professional clean, check & polish to maintain your investment, ensure settings stay secure, and bring them back to new so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

This professional clean, check & polish is priced from $120 to $150 per piece (depending on gold type). If re-tipping is required this is an additional service. As part of our Signature Service we offer this as a complimentary service once per year for Nicholas Haywood Jewellery Rings.

No appointment needed; simply drop in to our Design Gallery and a member of our team will organise this for you. This service takes approximately 1-2 business days to complete. Your pieces can be collected from the Design Gallery or alternatively, we can arrange kerbside pick-up. As well as this we offer complimentary personal delivery for Sydney CBD and Sutherland Shire clients.


Examine your jewellery regularly to make sure settings are snug and clasps and joinings are secure. A jewellery polishing cloth will help to keep your gold & platinum shining for as long as possible.

Jewellery storage is important to ensure your gold & platinum avoid unnecessary scratches. We do not suggest wearing your jewellery to the gym. Hard metal surfaces like those in a gym can dent, bend, and scratch your jewellery causing long-term damage. Always bring your jewellery into our design gallery for regular checks so that we can look over your pieces under magnification to ensure the clasps, claws, and joinings are okay.

The safest method of cleaning your jewellery between professional cleanings is by using dishwashing liquid, warm water, and a soft toothbrush (used very gently to ensure no unnecessary pressure is applied to your setting). Always keep your precious jewels in a lined jewellery box or pouch when you are not wearing them.

Note: For emeralds and tanzanite pieces, it is best to have them professionally cleaned only in our Design Gallery.

Remember to put your pearls on last, avoiding perfume, hairspray, and body lotions as these can strip the lustre from your pearls. To clean your pearls at home, we recommend only using the soft NHJC polishing cloth supplied to you at the time of your purchase.

Examine your jewellery regularly to make sure settings are snug and clasps and joinings are secure.

It is best to always ask someone to help you put on and take off your bracelet or necklace, making sure the clasp is inserted securely and the two clasps on either side are clicked in. When taking off your piece, ensure you are pressing down on the clasp and gently taking it out of the opening. Never force it apart or pull too hard as this may cause your bracelet or necklace to snap. If you are unsure, please ask our team to go over the process again with you.

Storage of your tennis bracelet or necklace is important to ensure it doesn’t bend or break. Always lay your tennis bracelet or necklace flat when not wearing it and never store with the clasp together.

Please take care when putting on and taking off your screw-back earrings. Always ensure you are screwing them in easily and not with force, as this may strip the post. Even though they are screw-on, you still need to ensure they are screwed all the way in, as they can slightly unscrew day-to-day or during the night. Regular checks will ensure that they do not come off unexpectedly.

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